Himalayans cat

Himalayans are the most popular division of the persian breed which makes them the #1 feline learn more. The himalayan (aka himalayan persian, or colourpoint persian as it is commonly referred to in europe), is a breed or sub-breed of long-haired cat identical in type to the persian, with the exception of its blue eyes and its point colouration, which were derived from crossing the persian with the siamese some registries may classify the. Himalayans prefer being four on the floor type cats rather than climbing up on high places or leaping look of himalayans this breed's head features a round face, big, round blue eyes, small, round-tipped ears, short, snub nose and a well-developed chin. After years of effort, research, and breeding, in england, canada, and the united states, the himalayan, or colorpoint persian, was named an official breed in 1958 by the american cat fanciers association, and accepted in championship competitions. Traditional himalayans tend to have siamese coat colors with calm and lovable persian personalitiesa long haired siamese is a balinese which is another breed a himalayan cat is a persian cat with the color pattern of a siamese cat it is wonderful to live with a himalayan kittenpeople owned by a himalayan kitten can’t stop talking about how sweet their himalayan kitten is.

The himalayan cat the himalayan cat – a breed dlinnoshёrstoy cat belongs to a group of persian, but in this breed coat color color-point (fairly light body with darker paws, tail, head and ears) and blue eyes, this color is most typical for siamese cats. The himalayan is similar to the persian in that it is a medium to large cat with a cobby body type with relatively short legs, and a broad, deep chest, the himalayan is wide at the shoulder and hip they have sweet faces, but intense blue eyes that can look angry in moments of interest or concentration. Himalayans are not fat cats, but instead have a sturdy, muscular body with a thick neck and short, strong legs history in 1931, cat breeder virginia cobb, together with dr clyde keeler of harvard, began crossing the persian with the siamese to study how the colorpoint gene was passed on. Himalayan cat facts - the himalayan cat breed eyes come one colour which is a deep but vivid shade of blue the himalayan breed come in what can be classed as two different looks, referred to as.

Himalayan kittens are the most in demand persian in the united states known for their increadable disposition, their love for play and their desire for companionship, they are the best companion in the animal kingdom. Himalayan cats 11k likes for all the himalayan cat lovers out there, join this page. The himalayan persian cat is one of the most beloved of pedigreed cats enjoyed and appreciated by judges, pet owners and breeders, over 343,000 himalayans have been registered since 1957 in 1998 there were 2,428 himalayans shown that is an average of 56 entries per show in kittens, championship and premiership.

Himalayan kittens for sale himalayan cat breeders similar to the persian, the himalayan has a stocky body type, long hair and placid temperament. Although the parent breeds to the himalayan, the persian and the siamese, are naturally occurring, this cat came as a result of human intervention breeders desired a cat with the coat of a persian, but wanted to develop a cat with the blue eyes and markings of a siamese, thus the himalayan was. The himalayan is a cat breed that was originally made by crossing the siamese and the persianit has point markings and blue eyes like a siamese, and long fur like a persian sometimes it is considered to be a color variation of the persian, and not a separate breed.

Himalayans cat

Page 3: find himalayans for sale on oodle classifieds join millions of people using oodle to find kittens for adoption, cat and kitten listings, and other pets adoption don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Raggamops cattery is located in central texas and specializes show quality himalayan bloodlines we work with national, regional, dm, grand champion, champion winning lines raggamops, himalayan cats. Our point of view the atlantic himalayan club is a cfa affiliated club, dedicated to preserving and promoting the himalayan the club publishes an international quarterly magazine called cattracks - more information can be found on the publications page membership in the atlantic himalayan club includes a subscription to cattracks magazine.

  • Gc, rw inthewind red ryder of divinity, a red persian male, is the midwest regiona's 19th best cat inthewind announces a new grand - gc inthewind red ryder , a red persian male, granded on 9/22/2012.
  • Himalayan cats blue-eyed wonder this blue-eyed, long-haired cat breed is the perfect indoor companion, according to cat fanciers devoted and dependent on human companions, the himmie craves constant attention, grooming and a good head rub.

Find great deals on ebay for himalayan cat shop with confidence. The himalayan was the most popular of all the cat breeds in 1996 and remains a favorite today this cat breed resembles a persian and a siamese and was named for its pointed pattern the body and coat color resemble the persian, and the color, pattern and dark blue eyes mirror those of the siamese. The himalayan cat was created by dr clyde keeler and virginia cobb in the 1930s by crossbreeding a persian and siamese cat the first himalayan cat was a result of the fourth generation of these crossbreedings.

himalayans cat Himalayans are a medium-sized sub-breed of longhair cat they are almost identical to persians except that they have brilliant blue eyes and the colorpoint markings of a siamese that means they have creamy bodies with a darker face, ears, feet, and tail. himalayans cat Himalayans are a medium-sized sub-breed of longhair cat they are almost identical to persians except that they have brilliant blue eyes and the colorpoint markings of a siamese that means they have creamy bodies with a darker face, ears, feet, and tail.
Himalayans cat
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